Bittel UNOMedia 5

     Alarm Clock Audio Features & Telephone Features 

 ●NFC enabled Bluetooth for wireless music streaming 

 ●Easy-to-use alarm clock/radio with snooze 

 ●Any key Snooze, Alarm can be silenced by lifting the telephone 

 handset ●Speakerphone 

 ●Single Day Alarm, time limited duration 

 ●Auto ascending Alarm Volume 

 ●Audio input for portable music player 

 ●High performance sound system   

 ●Daylight Saving Time(DST) auto change   

 ●Cordless(DECT)and corded models

 ●TDM analog and VoIP(SIP)models 

    ●Single and two-line configurations 

    ● Message waiting indicator compatible with all major hospitality PBXs 




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