Saflok SR3 (Guestroom)

Saflok SR3 (Guestroom) 

The Saflok SR3 model is a lock kit that provides flexibility to properties seeking an elegant, unique design for guestrooms. This solution allows designers to install the SR Series RFID reader behind a third party wall plate, while fitting customized lever sets and privacy thumb turn hardware on the door. The SR3 solution provides a minimalistic solution without requiring a full-body lock or RFID reader on the door. 

  • Elegant, unique design 
  • Installed behind a third-party wall plate 
  • No reader or lock on the door 
  • Online wireless integration, with Messenger LENS 

Saflok SR Series (SR2)Saflok SR Series (SR1)


Product details


  • Contactless smart card reader leverages Mifare Classic or Mifare Plus credentials 
  • High security and tamperproof design 
  • Tracking mortise for door ajar reporting 
  • Compatible with Messenger LENS 



  • Standard Finishes: Flush mount: Satin Chrome, Satin Brass, Dark Mahogany, Black, Bright Chrome, Bright Brass, Brown, Ivory, White 
  • Locking Options ANSI lock case with 1 ½” or 1” lock front mortise. Option: Standard Door Ajar 
  • Lever: a large selection of dormakaba custom levers available 
  • Diagnostics: Light indicators and handheld display 
  • BHMA and UL certified 


dormakaba products are certified to a number of performance-oriented standards. In obtaining these certifications, dormakaba ensures product durability and performance, give our customers the peace of mind that comes with owning a quality solution that meets and exceeds industry standards for access control, life safety, and security. 


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