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Secure Wired and Wireless Networking 

Hotex  is offering innovative complete solutions and specialized products of the leading  manufacturers for secure wired, wireless and mobile networking, providing systems which can take Your corporate network further, on-premise, virtualized and in the cloud, at the highest possible security level, offering attractive productivity gains, avoiding technology lock-ins and most importantly at reasonable cost.

Among other solutions, we can design and build complete and reliable systems providing:

Wireless Internet WiFi based on robust and managed equipment for uninterrupted and reliable Internet Anywhere service, enriched with specialized modern applications like VoWiFi, GeoFencing, Location Tracking and many more and accompanied by high level technical services on site during implementation as well as during the complete lifetime of these systems.

Deploying 802.11ac Wave 2 for the wireless office – what you need you know

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ongoing acceleration of BYOD continue to drive the insatiable need for bandwidth.

802.11ac Wave 2 wireless is the critical component in handling this ever increasing demand for more bandwidth, however the entire network must be considered for an exceptional wireless outcome.

This guide provides detailed information on the following to help you make better decisions before purchasing and deploying 802.11ac Wave 2:

  • Pre and post site planning
  • AP deployment
  • Infrastructure and client considerations
  • Management and security
  • Customer care
  • Also includes an 802.11ac Wave 2 overview with MU-MIMO


Hotex supports highly available & redundant topologies providing 7*24*365 non-stop operations.


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