Interface with PMS Fidelio & Protel , Guest Management Systems & Voice mails

Is the key to maximising telephony & data revenue whilst improving Guest Satisfaction.

Designed specifically for the hospitality sector, TigerTMS Hotel PRO contains a suite of features that help the hotelier encourage guests to use the telephone services and facilities available, not only within their rooms but also throughout the hotel.

Consisting of the following products:

TigerTMS Hotel PRO


This technology allows for easy profiling of telephone call patterns to determine viable incentives such as:

  • HAPPY HOUR on phone calls in an otherwise quiet period.
  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS for guests with a high call usage requirement.
  • GROUP DISCOUNTS for guests wishing to call home.
  • LONG DURATION incentives for guests wishing to chat or stay on-line.
  • SPECIAL RATES for frequently dialled numbers.
  • FIXED SERVICE CHARGES to Freephone or Lo-call numbers.       

When something is this easy to use and this intuitive, we understand why it might be taken for granted. That's the way it should be. Technology, at its best, is transparent. TIGER InnOvation 2020 is specifically designed for the hospitality industry. We've combined voice mail, automated attendant, and wake-up calls into one powerful system. TIGER InnOvation 2020 provides an extensive set of features that turn your guest phones into complete information centres. While your guests will appreciate its benefits, you'll enjoy increased productivity and profitability. TIGER InnOvation 2020 will interface with your existing equipment, so there's no need to replace your phone system. It's so dependable and seamless, you'll forget it's there.        

The finest hotel communications tool available

Designed for the discriminating property, TIGER Innovation 2020 provides guests and hotel staff with convenient, flexible features that allow hotel guests and staff to take control of how and when they communicate. TIGER Innovation 2020 is the total package. Quite simply, it's voice mail with the works.

All of your messages, all of the time

No longer will hotel staff or guests need to check multiple mailboxes. When either activates InnConnect Call Forwarding - standard with TIGER Innovation 2020 - calls are no longer missed. Upon activation, callers have the option to leave a message or reach the guest/staff person at their mobile phone. Calls can be screened by the recipient who makes the choice to take the call or send the call back to the TIGER Innovation 2020 voice mail system.

Reliability you can trust

Technology should be transparent. It should just work. All of the time. TIGER Innovation 2020 offers the best software, hardware, and redundancy. TIGER Innovation 2020 is designed to perform perfectly, 24-hours-a-day. It's so dependable and seamless, you will forget it's there.

Not just a phone - a complete information centre

Like our other products, TIGER Innovation 2020 provides extensive features which turn a telephone into a complete information center. Guests will appreciate that TIGER Innovation 2020 is easy to use and convenient, and you'll appreciate its reliability and the improved communication among hotel staff. TIGER Innovation 2020 will interface with a hotel's existing equipment, resulting in seamless integration of the hotel's phone switch and Property Management System.

Voicemail that can grow with you         

TIGER Innovation 2020 robust messaging features can be enhanced even further during the initial installation or at a later date. Tiger InnOvation 2020 will accommodate the addition of Tiger Hotel Pro, PrivateLine DID Server, and InnCommand Fax Serving Module.

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