HiMed IP-Nurse Call

HiMed IP-Nurse Call
The future-oriented and innovative communication solution for hospitals

With HiMed IP-Nurse Call we offer you a modern and reliable communication solution for hospitals.

  • Future-oriented
  • Efficient 
  • Conforming to call standards
  • Safe 
  • Capable of being integrated into HiMed infotainment 
  • IP-based nurse call system with voice support 
  • Use of the standard IP infrastructure
  • Voice support via VoIP 
  • Mobile handset integration  
  • Central Emergency Call Server
  • Parameterization possible from remote clients  
  • Easy call forwarding across wards
  • Safe and reliable
  • Conforming to call standards 
  • Self-sustaining operation of the ward is possible in case of a network breakdown 




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