Hotex Shape Lock New Design

Rfid Lock "Easy Handle " 

Recommended for aluminium Doors , metal doors 

This high quality system is replacing Keys and  provides fuel economy of power

The door opened safely , placing first in electronic card slot on the door and then to pocket card readers into the hotel room to provide power. The card carries electronic Rfid Antenna  with a metal housing of the circuit contains a unique code Laser etched to ensure the uniqueness of the key and the inviolability of the door. When leaving the room , removing the card from the case , after 50 seconds off the power supply , so that lights , air condition, TV, electric eye , radio etc. unrefrigerated close automatically.

If the air conditioner and open the balcony door or window , then after 20 seconds cut off the supply current to the air conditioning. By closing the doors immediately supplied to the air stream .

The electronic card is metallic from European bronze, 1mm thick , engraved logo Hotel . The electronic circuit includes a microprocessor and 2 high power relays to control the lights and air conditioning .

The system is easily installed on existing electrical installations without major repair works and its function is no longer secure (12V DC) and completely silent .

Rf Proximity security code to avoid violation

Automatic card cancellation at the end of the residence time

 Led lights for door unlocking and low voltage,

 Includes real-time clock for accurate time,

 Registration openings, emergency unlocking function


• Color: silver, gold

• Material: stainless steel

• Door thickness: 38 ~ 60 mm adjustable

• Working voltage: 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries)

• Static current: < 30uA

• Dynamic current: < 300mA

• Battery life: 7-10 months

• Reading distance: < 25 mm

• Operating temperature:-20 ° C ~ 75 ° C

• Operating humidity: < 80%

• Lock type: Card Encoder Hotel door lock


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