OpenScape Health Connect

Counting on world-class healthcare 

Positive outcomes depend on people. And they depend on communications – to help respond to emergencies, coordinate specialist teams, improve interactions between clinician and patient, and much more. So, for over two decades, Unify has been doing exactly that – providing award-winning healthcare communications solutions that physicians, nursing teams and support staff trust. 

Today, we’re seamlessly weaving all the ways we communicate – voice, instant messaging, video, web collaboration and more – into the heart of your health professionals’ daily work. Into the applications and services they use every day, and into the smartphones and tablets that keep them connected – on the move or at the bedside. 

OpenScape Health Connect 

From fast-response contact centers, through remote video diagnosis to automated workflows that increase efficiency and drive compliance, OpenScape Health Connect is harmonizing your networks, applications and people. For the clinician Remote access to offsite colleagues. Instant video collaboration to support remote diagnosis. Emergency protocols and patient records via touch screen terminals at the point of care. And the ability to launch patient video calls from smartphones or tablets. 

For the health professional 

Instantly respond to any emergency via OpenScape Alarm Response – triggered by any kind of system, from vital-sign monitoring to a nurse call system. Digitally record all clinical and care activities via OpenScape Health Station. 

For the patient 

World-class care – regardless of hospital size or location. 

Offer patients access to personal care plans and medicine regimes – giving them the confidence of knowing they’re in safe hands. And, to aid recovery, provide them with interactive education, entertainment and communication services at the bedside via OpenScape Health Station. 

For the IT administrator 

A simplified, unified infrastructure – consolidating multiple networks, applications and devices onto a single, intuitive platform. The technology and support to deploy new, state-of-the-art solutions, and the ability to improve efficiency, reduce cost and future- proof investments. Award-winning healthcare communications We’re not just winning with hospitals and patients across North America and Europe. OpenScape Health Connect has received a host of international awards. And it has been recognized by Frost and Sullivan in its Product Line Strategy Award Global for Unified Communications Technologies Healthcare.

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