Energy Savers

1. Working voltage: 220V by default, 110V customized

2. Max load current: 40A by default, 30A optional

3. Max load wattage: 8800W

4. Static work wattage: Less than 1W

5. Material: PC flame retardant material

6. Color: white / silver

7. Weight: 0.15kg/pc

8. Chip type: 125Khz / 13.56Mhz

9. Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 40mm




If the guests do not turn off electrical appliances in the room when go out, and waiter paid no attention to it, long-term work will of electrical appliances lead to itself heating, if electrical heating is too much, which can cause damage to electrical appliances, or even cause a fire.


This Energy Saving Switch can help us

1. When entering the rooms, the guests have to insert the room card into the Energy Saving Switch to turn on the illumination system.

2. While leaving the room, the guest takes the room card; then the power supply will be shut off by the Energy Saving Switch about 10 seconds later.

3. Many advantages, for example, bring direct economic benefits to the hotel, extend the electrical life of rooms, enhance the electricity safety factor of Rooms

4. Energy Saving Switch is suitable for all kinds of the star hotel, family hotel, economy hotel, apartment and office buildings and other places.

5. Service life: Relay life is more than 100000 times


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