Internet Access for Guests

Internet Access is changing the way business gets done in the hotel industry. There's a tremendous demand for wireless access where different services (mail, web surfing, social networks, video streaming, audio streaming and voice-over-IP) are all competing for the same Internet pipe. Wireless has also created new ways for hotels to connect with their guests to generate loyalty. WiFi has become a standard requirement for all hotel types, as quite often WiFi is determining factor on where guests choose to stay. Hotels need to find affordable and non-disruptive solutions to meet guest demand for reliable, consistent in-building Internet coverage.

HSC HotSpot - Internet for Guests allows you to provide easy and reasonable highspeed internet access to your customers. Only broadband internet access is required.

After HSC HotSpot installation you can operate your own Internet Hotspot and can provide different types of internet access to your customers and charge them for this service. You define the the scope of service (data volume, time, bandwidth, etc.) as well as pricing and keep all revenues.

HSC HotSpot datasheet


HSC HotSpot and is an innovative software solution that enables businesses and companies to provide their customers with a timed and/or download limited Internet access. Customizable billing offers your property complete control over pricing, and outstanding flexibility in billing to maximize revenues.

Operational areas range from lodging properties of all kinds (Hotels, Campgrounds, B&Bs,...) over Convention Centers to Trade Fair & Exhibition Centers. The fee structure is determined by the business itself.

The system only requires a router-based broadband Internet access (i.e. cable, DSL, …). The HSC HotSpot consists of functional multilingual web-interface. Billing is easy and hassle free, either using pre-paid Internet access cards (similar to prepaid telephone cards) or using an existing hotel management system (PMS).


  • multilingual customer logon (21 languages)
  • permanent cost control
  • no software installation / configuration required
  • Inhouse Roaming (credit can be consumed e.g. with wireless and wired connections 
  • without additional costs)


HSC HotSpot provides the following features and more

HSC HotSpot provides the following features and more.


  • administer the system convenient with your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • individual billing of so-called 'Surftickets'
  • your created 'Surftickets' are manageable
  • Auto-Logon: define devices for free access to the web
  • Free to Use: enter websites free of charge (e.g. your homepage)


  • no configuration necessary on the end-device (e.g. laptop)
  • no software installation necessary on the end-device
  • HSC HotSpot real Plug&Play service – no amendments to the end-device
  • automatic proxy detection
  • user-friendly customer logon page
  • guests can see their status information (e.g. used amount of data)


  • AAA system (authentication | authorization | accounting)
  • Private VLAN Support (room / port isolation)
  • Portforwarding (DNAT) for access to end devices (e.g. Access Point management within Surf-LAN)
  • Surf-Client Protection (Surf Clients cannot see themselves)
  • integrated Stateful-Firewall (isolates Office-LAN from Surf-LAN)
  • Simple and Advanced HTTP Content Filter
  • Port Filter
  • Hardware Health Status
  • creating backups
  • enter static routes
  • supports major Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • logging of relevant actions (e.g. logon, logoff, ticket creation)
  • compliant to EU-Data Retention (2006/24/EG)



  • English
  • French - Français
  • German - Deutsch
  • Italian - Italiano

GUEST LOGON (incl. editable Terms of Use)

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified) - 中文(简体)
  • Croatian - Hrvatski
  • Czech - Čeština
  • Danish - Dansk
  • Dutch - Nederlands
  • English
  • French - Français
  • German - Deutsch
  • Greek - Ελληνικά
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian - Magyar
  • Italian - Italiano
  • Japanese - 日本語
  • Polish - Polski
  • Romanian - Românǎ
  • Russian - Русский
  • Slovak - Slovenčina
  • Slovenian - Slovensko
  • Spanish - Español
  • Swedish - Svenska
  • ... more languages on request!


  • billing by time / amount of data / date
  • FLAT RATE: A flat rate scheme gives guests access to the Internet for a limited amount of time (i.e. 6 days) and includes an allotted allowance of download limit.
  • TIME RATE: The debiting from the time credit account takes place, down to the exact minute via logging in and logging off (for both telephone and modem access).
  • free of charge (with or without Home Page)
  • Bandwidth management per user
  • VLAN based accounting


  • Office Printer (DIN A5)
  • Bulk Tickets (.csv) for serial letters, on scratch cards, in bulk eMails, etc.
  • thermal ticket printer (optional)
  • PMS system (optional)
  • Credit Card


  • Simple and Advanced Web Filter
  • customize your logon page (colors, logo)
  • Reporting: Program, Ticket Statistics, System Log, Hardware, Connection Tracking
  • User Management/Logging
  • intelligent bandwidth restriction (no disturbance within the Office-LAN)
  • Online Update Modul
  • Surf-Client Protection (Surf clients are not visible among each other)
  • SMTP-Relayhost / -Authentication (SMTP proxy settings)
  • define DHCP Static Leases
  • PING Tool
  • default terms of use
  • redirect customer after logon
  • VAT settings
  • automated invoice numbering
  • Free to Use: enter websites free of charge


  • connect up to 8 Thermal Ticket Printer
  • Ethernet2Serial - Adapter
  • PMS Connector (e.g. Micros Fidelio, Protel ...)
  • Online Update Renewal (inlcudes Security-Updates, Minor- and Major-Releases, Web Content Filter Lists Subscription)

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