OpenScape Health Station

A single, unified terminal at the point of care: improving patient and clinician access to information, services and support. 

That’s the power of OpenScape Health Station from Unify – part of the OpenScape Health Connect communications suite. 

Streamlining clinical access 

OpenScape Health Station does just that – enabling your hospital staff to access remote clinical expertise (both internal and external) and key Hospital Information Systems (HIS) at the point of care. Armed with the most up-to-date patient information – including scans, test results and more – diagnosis, treatment and care planning at the bedside become a reality. And that ultimately improves your patient’s outcome. 

Risks are reduced too. 

With online access through the bedside terminal, clinicians can check on potential drug side effects and the latest clinical research. 

That means planned treatments and drug combinations are more effective and risk-free. While an instant digital record of prescribed medicines and schedules assures the right drugs are given, at the right time. 

For the hospital administrator, real time access to EMR (Electronical Medical Records), hospital administration and diagnostic systems can help increase patient throughput – decreasing the length of stay and streamlining the discharge process. The result is improved room availability and falling wait times

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