Mobility for Healthcare

Healthcare going mobile Today, in hospitals around the world, clinicians, nursing staff and even patients are connected to one another through smartphones, tablets, bedside terminals and more. It’s easy to see why. 

With the right security in place, these smart devices open up a world of faster response times, enhanced clinician decision-making and improved patient care. 

Getting online in seconds – over hospital WLAN, 3G/4G cellular networks or DECT infrastructure – they offer instant access to the patient data that clinicians need to make life-saving decisions. Secure data access is just the beginning. 

Today’s new generation of enterprise handsets and smart wireless devices is driving seamless collaboration with off-site experts – with HD video supporting remote diagnosis. Communication-enabled bedside terminals are bringing patients and mobile clinicians together as never before. Computers on wheels (CoWs) are streamlining ward rounds, de-risking medicines management, and recording all care team activity. 

Applications have a major role to play too. We’re seeing a huge range of healthcare apps appear on the leading operating systems. That’s everything from care planning and lab reports, to patient transportation, bed management and self education apps. And Unify is bringing it all together – onto a single, powerful unified communications platform. We’re harmonizing your multiple fixed and mobile workspaces – and amplifying collective effort by allowing your people to communicate and collaborate with ease. OpenScape Healthcare Mobility is designed for, and around, your users. So they get the same great experience on any device and over any network they choose. Here are some of the performance-enhancing unified communications applications they’ll enjoy:

  • Presence Federation – to see which specialists are available for support
  • Secure File Sharing – to share critical care plans, scans and X-rays 
  • Web Collaboration – to present difficult cases to multiple specialists 
  • Mobile Video – to aid remote diagnosis and collaborate with colleagues 
  • Call Swipe – to instantly transfer a call between your desktop and cellular phone (and vice versa) 
  • Seamless Roaming – to allow users to connect across WLAN and 3G/4G networks It’s your fully unified and collaborative health workspace. 

And it’s available today

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