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H0TEX can work with you to evaluate the options, especially in the areas of:


It could be argued that this is the area where hoteliers have not been mindful of the impact of technological change, Cable,Cat 5,Coax, fibre and in some hotels Cat 6 cable networks now exist side by side. There are no cheap low-cost solutions when it comes to the basic infrastructure of your hotel.

Charges in EET Standards, demands to supply the latest Wi-Fi, Guest Internet,Telephony and other services all place a lot of pressure upon the hotel owners or managers as they try to remain competitive.

This is where the past hotel project experience and detailed knowledge of many hotel properties in Greece and surouding islands enable to offer a unique common sense approach to meeting your needs. It is believed that hoteliers want a cabling network which can:

  • Provide flexibility, including fibre cabling where possible to enable the hotel to construct, networks that can handle voice, data, video and other media at any desired speed.
  • Address changes in guest use whilst generating economies for the hotel , reduced space or improved work processes.
  • Ensure network infrastructure longevity as hotel guest bandwidth demands increase to 100 megabits, or for an additional gigabit and eventually even 10-gigabit transmission speeds.
  • Overcome distance issues at some hotels without having to re-cable in the future, from a villa 400m away to a floor riser on the 20th floor.
  • Satisfy the future changes in hotel Internet reservations, web based bookings, internal administration and mobile working.

HOTEX will work with you and your management team to discuss your needs of your current network capabilities and issues, the use of copper, Cat5e, Cat6 and fibre networks and your future needs. This is then encapsulated into an agreed structured cabling plan. The plan may call for a complete replacement of your cabling network, it may just require Hotex to fix current issues and work to an agreed support contract, working in stages because of the scale of the work involved.

Satisfied cabling project outcomes have included:

  • An improvement of voice quality calls after a new fibre run was installed 
  • Mapping out and updating the patch panels in the communications room to reduce support calls.
  • Improving staff working practices by developing new colour coded conference and banqueting patch panel system and enable them to sell incremental services.

Hotex has an in-depth understanding of hotel data and telecommunications cable and riser management. We ensure that the hotel guestrooms and administration areas have secure and reliable communication, data & telephone extended demarcation points.

Hotels find value in Hotex being the single point of contact and conduit between the multiple technology services providers. We can if required, provide ad-hoc or regular on-site hotel visits as required. Applying our knowledge, experience and understanding of hotel buildings yields lower costs, a faster turn-around time, less hassles and fewer problems for you.

Our hotels like the idea of having one company accountable for their buildings’ communication and data systems. It helps knowing who to call and having the confidence and trust in them to work well in sensitive guest bedroom areas, where discretion is extremely important.


Hotex believe that by guaranteeing a secure, reliable and efficient service, our hotels will benefit from:


  • Development of a strategic and trusted partnership
  • Greater accountability
  • Improved quality of service (CAT5e, CAT6 and Fibre networks) .
  • Lower Total Costs 
  • Scalable infrastructure which addresses changes in technologies and guest needs.

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